First-time Filmmaker Sessions

Si tienen contactos en el exterior, pasen esta info así votan mi documental, dado que en la Argentina el costo para verlo online y votar es inaccesible. Gracias.

Femicidio. Un caso, múltiples luchas

The documentary “femicide. one case, many struggles” (avila, 2019) from argentina has been chosen to take part in the online competition “first-time filmmaker sessions 2019”.

For this reason, the feature documentary will be available from Sunday June 16th through Sunday June 23rd 2019, listed number 14 on the following link: Users will be able to watch the film and to vote for it, as they should also choose a “second favorite”, by writing in the comments section on the Vimeo On Demand page. After a first round open to the general public, a second round will take place and Lift-Off judges will choose the winner, among the five most rated films.

First-time filmmaker Sessions 2019. Documentary Femicide. One case, many struggles
First-time filmmaker Sessions 2019

Femidice. One case, many struggles, a first-person documentary about femicide, was premiered at Gaumont movie theater last March 7th in Buenos Aires city, and it was globally released at the X Muestra…

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